Crypto-assets: regulators and regulations trying to catch up with innovation without stifling it?

A post by guest bloggers Ivan Peeters, Philip Van Steenwinkel and Frederik Stappers

1. Over the past few years crypto-assets have garnered significant attention from the media, financial analysts, governments, regulatory institutions and investors. However, this year interest in crypto-assets has skyrocketed. With big investments of corporates, investment funds and millions already being raised by Initial Coin Offerings, it shows that crypto-assets are maturing and here to stay. In this post we provide some considerations in relation to the legal and regulatory characterisation and regulatory treatment of token offerings and the most common crypto-assets. Continue reading “Crypto-assets: regulators and regulations trying to catch up with innovation without stifling it?”

Who owns your Bitcoins?

Recent case law from France and England

In a video  (15′), I discuss two recent judgements, one French and one English, that deal with property law aspects of Bitcoins. These precedents matter for the proprietary protection of the holder of Bitcoins and the question who is entitled to the fruits of Bitcoins. Continue reading “Who owns your Bitcoins?”

Blockchain IPOs: the dusk (/dawn?) of regulation has arrived

A post by guest blogger Cedric Hauben (DLA Piper)

Blockchain projects have been around for over a decade. Despite its turbulent and mysterious evolutions, the prototype case of Bitcoin remains the most well-known blockchain application on the market. It still stands as the leading example in the realm of cryptocurrencies, which is nowadays made up out of numerous variations on the theme called Bitcoin. While specifications vary, the underlying principles remain the same among cryptocurrencies. However, thanks to a shifting horizon, the legal landscape keeps on changing.

 Tip of the iceberg

We know by now that blockchain as a concept is much broader than just virtual currency applications. Hundreds of other use cases have been developed and, according to believers, blockchain shows the potential to realise a similar impact as the internet has had. Some say the practice field of notaries could be heavily diluted once land registration gets implemented on specifically developed blockchains. Continue reading “Blockchain IPOs: the dusk (/dawn?) of regulation has arrived”

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