Voorstellen tot verdere digitalisering van het vennootschapsrecht

De Europese Commissie lanceert sneller wetgevende voorstellen dan Lucky Luke met scherp kan schieten. Vandaag werd een voorstel gelanceerd dat moet leiden tot “more transparency and less red tape for companies to improve business environment in the EU“.

De voorgestelde maatregelen worden als volgt samengevat:

  • Application of the “once-only principle” so that companies do not need to re-submit information when setting up a branch or a company in another Member State. The relevant information can be exchanged through the Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS);
  • An EU Company Certificate, containing a basic set of information about companies, which will be available free of charge in all EU languages;
  • A multilingual standard model for a digital EU power of attorney which will authorise a person to represent the company in another Member State;
  • Removing formalities such as the need for an apostille or certified translations for company documents.

In dit verband kan nog nuttig worden verwezen naar volgende verslagen:

Author: Arie Van Hoe

Arie Van Hoe, Head of Legal VBO-FEB, voluntary scientific collaborator (University of Antwerp)

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