Free Choice of Company Law: Another Brick Out of the Wall

CJEU holds freedom of establishment does not require pursuit of genuine economic activity

In yesterday’s preliminary ruling in C-106/16 Polbud, the CJEU held that freedom of establishment is applicable to the transfer of the registered office of a company: (1) formed in accordance with the law of one Member State, (2) to the territory of another Member State, for the purposes of its conversion into a company incorporated under the law of the latter Member State, (3) even if there is no change in the location of the real head office of that company. Continue reading “Free Choice of Company Law: Another Brick Out of the Wall”

Corporate law after Brexit

Michael Schillig on Oxford Business Law Blog

“The safest option for UK incorporated companies that have their central administration in real seat countries is to convert into a company form of another Member State prior to Brexit taking effect”

See post here.

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