European Financial Regulation: Levelling the Cross-sectoral Playing Field

Oxford Webinar on Sep. 25th.

The KU Leuven Jan Ronse Institute, the Oxford Commercial Law Centre and the Nijmegen Radboud Business Law Institute are co-organising a webinar on the book “European Financial Regulation: Levelling the Cross-sectoral Playing Field”, edited by Veerle Colaert, Danny Busch and Thomas Incalza.

The event takes place on the 25th of September, from 3.45-6pm CET (2.45-5pm London time).

Participation in the webinar is free of charge, but prior registration is required, via the following link.

At the webinar, internationally renowned scholars in financial regulation, including John Armour, Danny Busch and Georg Ringe, will discuss key topics such as FinTech, corporate governance, conflicts of interest and the suitability test, all from a cross-sectoral perspective. They will show that very similar rules apply in banking, securities and insurance regulation and will discuss whether and why differences are necessary, or whether, on the contrary, a more cross-sectoral approach would be beneficial.

This innovative approach is aimed at informing law and policymakers on potential improvements to EU financial regulation whilst also supporting legal and compliance professionals applying the current framework or looking to streamline compliance processes.


2:45 Welcome and introduction
Professor Kristin van Zwieten (Chair of Sessions)
Clifford Chance Associate Professor of Law and Finance, University of Oxford; Fellow and Tutor in Law, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

3:00  Levelling the cross-sectoral playing field
Professor Veerle Colaert
Financial Law Chair, Jan Ronse Institute for Company and Financial Law, KU Leuven University 

3:20 Towards European harmonisation of know-your-customer obligations for investment products
Professor Danny Busch
Financial Law Chair, Director, Financial Law Centre, Radboud University Nijmegen; Research Fellow, Harris Manchester College, and a Fellow of the Commercial Law Centre at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

3:40 Reflections on Governance in the Financial Sector
Professor John Armour
Professor of Law and Finance, University of Oxford

4:00 How to regulate Fintech in the EU?
Professor Wolf- Georg Ringe
Chair for Law & Finance, University of Hamburg
Visiting Professor, University of Oxford

4:20 Conflicts of interest and inducements: a cross-sectoral analysis of a fragmented reality  
Professor Thomas Incalza
Research Fellow, KU Leuven University; University of Hasselt

4:40 Discussion

5:00 Closing remarks by Professor Kristin van Zwieten

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