Best practices in cross-border proceedings (SaveComp)

The goal of the SaveComp Project, funded by the European Union, is to collect and exchange best practices in the field of (pre-)insolvency cross-border proceedings, to help office holders in insolvency proceedings to better coordinate and implement international cooperation, thus enhancing management of multiple proceedings, reorganization of companies and the protection of creditors and interests of stakeholders. The Project aims to collect best practices, private international rules and case law in (pre)insolvency cross-border proceedings. Moreover, the Project aims to develop and exchange best practices with respect to cross-border proceedings. 

The SaveComp Project has started in February 2016 and will last 24 months. The first step of the project is a questionnaire. The questionnaire can be found here.

Author: Arie Van Hoe

Arie Van Hoe, Head of Legal VBO-FEB, voluntary scientific collaborator (University of Antwerp)

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