In the meantime in the Netherlands

Last week, a fundamental reform of the basic legislation, including company and insolvency law, in Belgium was announced (De grote sprong voorwaarts: een nieuw BW, een hervormd ondernemings- en insolventierecht, een nieuw vennootschaps- en verenigingsrecht en de opheffing van het W.Kh.).

The Belgian legislator is not the only legislator planning reforms. Also last week, the Dutch Minister of Justice has announced a further modernisation of company law (Voortgang modernisering ondernemingsrecht).

Finally, the Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee has published the revised Dutch Corporate Governance Code. The Code 2016 can be read here. Dutch listed companies are required to report in 2018 on compliance with the revised Code in the 2017 financial year. The condition for this is that the revised Code must be enshrined in Dutch law by the cabinet in 2017.

Author: Arie Van Hoe

Arie Van Hoe, Head of Legal VBO-FEB, voluntary scientific collaborator (University of Antwerp)

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