Call for proposals: Corporate & Organizational Decision-Making

By: Business & Liability Research Network (Leiden University)

The Business & Liability Research Network (BLRN) – a partnership between the Company Law department and the Business Studies department of the Leiden Law School – is launching its call for proposals for a new book project on the topic of Corporate & Organizational Decision-Making.

The Business & Liability Research Network

BLRN focuses on innovative and multidisciplinary research in the areas of (i) Good Corporate Governance, (ii) Distress & Insolvency and (iii) Future Business Structures. It was launched in 2018 with an opening conference on “Business Resilience”, which proved to be the prelude to a successful first year.

The network offers the possibility to bring together different research areas (legal and business research) as well as practice and the academic world, leading to innovative perspectives on current issues.

BLRN Book Project

The topic of decision-making in corporations and organizations is receiving increased attention due to the impact of technological developments, discussions on corporate governance and practical examples of (inadequate) decision-making processes. In this project, BLRN aims to highlight corporate & organizational decision-making from a multidisciplinary perspective. From both a legal and business perspective, research will be conducted within the sphere of the three research areas of BLRN: (i) Good Corporate Governance, (ii) Distress & Insolvency and (iii) Future Business Structures. This includes, for example, the relationship between corporate governance and entrepreneurship, the way in which various actors should act during insolvency and the impact of technological developments on a company.

Submission of Proposals

Scholars and practitioners are cordially invited to participate with an individual or joint contribution. Authors (and co-authors) can submit a proposal involving a mono-disciplinary approach or a multi-disciplinary approach. Therefore, please elaborate what research methodology will be applied. Submission from both academia and practice are strongly encouraged, including those applying empirical research methods. Proposals containing your research idea can be sent to: no later than 30 September 2019. A panel of experts will review the submissions. You can find more information in the call for proposals.

Jan Adriaanse, Jean-Pierre van der Rest, Reinout Vriesendorp and Iris Wuisman







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