Next week: book presentation by Katharina Pistor in Brussels

The Code of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality

The Code of Capital by Katharina Pistor has been creating a lot of buzz over the last months. As announced previously, Professor Pistor will present her book next Monday November 4 at 16h30 at the Brussels campus of KU Leuven. Please note that because of the high number of attendants the presentation has been moved to Auditorium 2215 (Stormstraat 2 / 2  rue d’Assaut,  1000 Brussels).

screen_shot_0A short overview of the book by Professor Pistor herself can be found here (ProMarket, the blog of the Stigler Center at the University of Chicago). See here for an interview with her (Völkerrechtsblog). In a review on Law and Political Economy, Professor Samuel Moyn (Yale) writes:

“In a series of amazing chapters with ambitious granularity, Pistor begins with the law’s role in the creation of legal personhood — the artificial entity that can hold assets in the first place. And she hints at the long global history of the legal creation of wealth in land, before turning to debt between past and present and a fascinating study of the legal codification of assets in “nature’s code” of genetic information. Though she shows that there have long been global ramifications to the legal protection of assets, Pistor offers a novel description of the latest round of scalar ambition for worldwide protection of wealth. And she describes how an expert class is hired to do the work, and how code has successfully colonized the new worlds of digital spaces.”

Waterstones Brussels will be next week on site to sell the book after the presentation. It is still possible to register here for the event. Registration is free but compulsory.


16.30: Welcome by Professor Dirk Heremans (emeritus KU Leuven)

16.40: Lecture by Professor Katharina Pistor (Columbia Law School)

17.40: Belgian responses by

  • Professor Koen Geens (KU Leuven and Minister of Justice of Belgium)
  • Professor Ludo Cornelis (emeritus VUB)
  • Professor Joeri Vananroye (KU Leuven)

18.10: Q&A

18.30: End


KU Leuven Campus Brussels
Stormstraat 2, B-1000 Brussels
Room 2215


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