‘Sometimes you need to talk to a three year old so you can understand life again’

Third anniversary of Corporate Finance Lab

Corporate Finance Lab celebrates today its third anniversary with a legacy of more than 500 posts.  For what it is worth, the most-read posts of all-time are:

In English:

In Dutch: 

At random some hidden gems yet to be discovered by the hoi polloi:

Many thanks to all contributors and readers.

This blog welcomes contributions by guest bloggers, including researchers and students who want to divulge the findings of their research. If interested please contact one of the lab rats.

Corporate Finance Lab aims to be a forum for discussion on legal aspects of corporate finance of entities in going concern and distress. Corporate Finance Lab works on companies and other organizational structures (such as partnerships, bankruptcy estates or non profits) at the intersection of economics, contract law, company law and insolvency law.

The title of this post is a quote by an anonymous Pinterest philosopher

Author: Joeri Vananroye

Professor of economic analysis of law (KU Leuven), attorney (Quinz)

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